The Global Stage

Selections From New Left Review 1


5.5 x .8.5 inches, 312pp. 2006

ISBN : 9788170464808

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Each volume in this series brings together a collection of articles, reviews, essays and interviews from NEW LEFT REVIEW—a key journal of the international Left. The books aim to cover a wide variety of issues ranging from world politics and the global economy; state powers and protest movements; contemporary social theory; history and philosophy; cinema and literature; heterodox art and aesthetics.


Contributors: Perry Anderson, Peter Gowan, Fredric Jameson, Franco Moretti, Mike Davis, Subcomandante Marcos, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Roberto Pombo, Michael Hardt, Tom Mertes, Göran Therborn, Ronald Dore, Giovanni Arrighi, Donald Sassoon, Immanuel Wallerstein, Gopal Balakrishnan, Robert Wade, Jacob Stevens and Kim Mood.


(1) Preface
(2) Renewals by Perry Anderson
(3) US:UN by Peter Gowan
(4) Globalization and Political Strategy by Frederic Jameson
(5) Conjectures on World Literature by Franco Moretti
(6) Planet of Slums by Mike Davis
(7) The Punch Card and The Hourglass by Subcomandante Marcos, Gabriel García Márquez and Roberto Pombo
(8) Today’s Bandung? by Michael Hardt
(9) Grass-roots Globalism by Tom Mertes
(10) Into the 21st Century by Göran Therborn
(11) Will Global Capitalism be Worldwide Anglo-Saxonism by Ronald Dore
(12) The African Crisis by Giovanni Arrighi
(13) Cultural Markets by Donald Sassoon
(14) Entering Global Anarchy by Immanuel Wallerstein
(15) Virgilian Visions by Gopal Balakrishnan 
(16) The Ringmaster of Doha by Robert Wade 
(17) Barring the Doors by Jacob Stevens
(18) Workers of the World by Kim Moody
(19) Notes on Contributors


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