The Coming of the Book

The Impact of Printing

Henri-Jean Martin, Lucien Febvre

Translated by David Gerard


6 x 8.5 inches, 467pp. 2006

ISBN : 9788170462668

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Books, and printed word more generally, are aspects of modern life that are all too often taken for granted. Yet the emergence of the book was a process of immense historical importance and heralded the dawning of the epoch of modernity. In this much praised history of that process, Lucien Febvre and Henri-Jean Martinmesh together economic and technological history, sociology and anthropology, as well as the study of modes of consciousness, to rootthe development of the printed word in the changing social relations and ideological struggles of Western Europe.


Lucien Febvre, who died in 1956, was co-founder of the influential journal Annales: Economic Societies, Civilizations, and is widely recognised as one of the foremost historians of the twentieth century. 

Henri-Jean Martin is a distinguished historian of the development of early printing.


David Gerard

Culture Studies