Catching Fish and Other Stories.

Meera Mukherjee

Translated by Anjum Katyal


52pp 2000

ISBN : 9788170461807

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In 'Catching Fish' the monsoons have flooded the streets; fish leap and swim about to the delight of a group of little boys, who try their best to catch them, only to encounter a marvellous talking fish who becomes their friend. In 'Quilt' a young boy has an enchanting meeting with a pair of magical quilt-makers, who pluck the clouds as stuffing from the sky. In 'Growing Up' a pair of childhood girl friends find that somehow the years have slipped by, turning them into demure young women.

Meera Mukherjee was one of India's leading sculptors, a pioneer who mined tribal and folk bronze 'lost wax' techniques and idioms to express her contemporary sensibility, a rebel woman artist whose life choices demonstrated her rootedness in the material conditions of her creativity.


Anjum Katyal is a writer and editor based in Calcutta. She has several translations to her credit.

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