Little Flower Shefali and Other Stories.

Meera Mukherjee

Translated by Anjum Katyal


52pp 2000

ISBN : 9788170461791

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Somewhere . . . ' is a lullaby in prose, a delightful little tale about a child who pesters his sleepy aunt of a story, only to fall asleep himself before the end. Shefali is a little girl who is put out to work as a maid by her parents, who cannot afford to feed her. She starts to learn how to read and write, facing ridicule and gradually overcoming her inhibitions by coming to terms with her own inner creativity. In 'Their Friend the Smoke Person' a brother and sister befriend a mysterious stranger, a 'smoke person' who appears and disappears at will.

Meera Mukherjee was one of India's leading sculptors, a pioneer who mined tribal and folk bronze 'lost wax' techniques and idioms to express her contemporary sensibility, a rebel woman artist whose life choices demonstrated her rootedness in the material conditions of her creativity.


Anjum Katyal is a writer and editor based in Calcutta. She has several translations to her credit.

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