Wildfire and Other Stories


Translated by Somnath Zutshi

Illustrations by Anandjit Ray Introduction by Nabaneeta Dev Sen


250pp, 17 b/w illustrations. 1999

ISBN : 9788170461524

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Balaichand Mukhopadhyay (1899-1979) adopted the pseudonym Banaphool, or wildflower, the name by which he is widely known to the Bengali reading public. These forty-five pieces by Banaphool are representative of his multifaceted talent. There are plainly whimsical tales, several ghost stories, a few morality fables, some bitterly critical political stories, and a number of stories which examine the consequences of religious belief when taken to levels of bigotry and exclusionism.



Somnath Zutshi is a psychonanalyst by training who studies and writes on cinema. He has also translated other works by Somnath Hore, Mrinal Sen and Banaphool.