Crucible Bodies

Postwar Japanese Performance
from Brecht to the New Millennium

Tadashi Uchino


6 x 9 inches, 220pp, 20 halftones. August 2009

ISBN : 9781905422722 & 9781905422746

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Crucible Bodies is one of the first full-length studies of Japanese performance culture. It covers a wide range of historical and theoretical topics, from Brecht in Japan to ‘children´s’ bodies in postmodern Japanese performances, from the notion of beauty in contemporary cultural theory to practical and theoretical readings of more recent intercultural performances, involving not only Japanese but also other Asian theatre practitioners. 

Tadashi Uchino is Professor of Performance Studies at the Department of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, University of Tokyo. Widely published in Japanese, he is also a contributing editor for TDR.


Theatre And Performance Studies