Conversations with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Suzana Milevska, Swapan Chakravorty, Tani E. Barlow


5.75 x 8 inches, 180pp. 2007

ISBN : 9781905422289 & 9781905422272

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‘She has probably done more long-term political good, in pioneering feminist and postcolonial studies within global academia, than almost any of her theoretical colleagues.’ Terry Eagleton.


‘I do not want to get involved in judging whether people are reading me right or wrong because whatever they are doing, such a reading is possible. I think possessiveness about one’s work is not a good idea, first of all, and secondly, I don’t think my work is written in stone, I correct it all the time myself. Also, there are so many other things I haven’t read anyway, so reading other people’s writing on me and saying they were wrong . . . can you imagine what a waste of time that would be?’

Controversial, challenging and outspoken, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak is best known as a deconstructionist and post-colonial theorist, who chooses to describe herself as a ‘para-disciplinary, ethical philosopher.’ Her reputation was first made for her translation and preface to Jacques Derrida’s Of Grammatology (1976) and she has since rapidly developed an awe-inspiring track record in several areas, ranging from Feminism and Marxism to Literary Criticism and of course, Postcolonialism, building a reputation for being simultaneously at home and an outsider in many disciplines. The interviews collected in this volume reflect the international character of her intellectual engagement as, in her criss-crossings of the globe, she engages with activists, scholars and writers located in different cultural contexts, from America to India to Macedonia and China.

Tani E. Barlow is a scholar of feminism,postcoloiniality, and history in Asia and most specifically in China. She is a professor of history and women studies at the University of Washington. She is Founding Senior Editor of the journal positions: east asia culture critique, for which she received the 1995 Best New Journal Award by The Council of Editors of learned Journals of the Modern Language Association.

Swapan Chakravorty is Professor of English and Joint Director, School of Cultural Texts and Records , Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He is author of Society and Politics in the Plays of Thomas Middleton( Oxford:Clarendon Press, 1996), and contributory editor, Collected Works of Thomas Middleton, gen.ed.Gary Taylor (Oxford:Oxford University Press, forthcoming). His books in Bengali include Bangalir ingreji sahityacharcha (Kolkata: Anustup, 2006) and Shakespeare (Kolkata: Papyrus, 2001).He has edited Print Areas: Book History in India (Delhi: Permanent Black, 2004) and Mudraner sanskriti o bangla boi (Kolkata: Ababhas, 2007). Chakravorty has been published in books, journals and newspapers in India, Bangladesh, England, Scotland, Canada, the United States, Malaysia and Japan.

Dr Suzana Milevska is a Lecturer in Visual Culture at the Research Centre in Gender Studies ' Euro-Balkan' in Skopje. She is a recipient of the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Grant (2004) and P. Getty Curatorial Research fellowship (2001). Her publications include Hesitations, or About Political and Cultural Territories in Cultural Territories, ed. Barbara Steiner, Julia Schafer and Ilina Koralova; Macedonian Art Stories in East Art Map (London: Afterall Books, 2006) and Is Balkan Art History Global in Is Art History Global?, ed. James Elkins.


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