Planes of Composition

Dance, Theory, and the Global

Edited by André Lepecki and Jenn Joy

Out of Print


6 x 9 inches, 372pp, 53 halftones December 2009

ISBN : 9781906497248

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Gathering eighteen original essays by eminent choreographers, philosophers, and dance and performance theorists from across the globe, The Planes of Composition focuses on how contemporary choreographic strategies initiate new modes of understanding the moving body in its multiple performances: racial, kinetic, political, ethical, and theoretical. Adding to the expanding field of critical dance studies and critical movement studies, the contributors address a variety of formations arising from hybrid theoretical and performative compositions—compositions of everyday kinetics with philosophical considerations of political modernity; compositions of certain staged choreographic works with the formations of racial identities in specific postcolonial contexts; and compositions between embodied practices and theoretical practices.


This volume will be of interest to scholars in critical dance studies, philosophy, performance studies, and cultural and postcolonial studies as it proposes new and creative dialogues among these disciplines.


André Lepecki is associate professor in the Department of Performance Studies at New University. His books include Exhausting Dance: Performance and the Politics of Movement Of the Presence of the Body.


Jenn Joy is a PhD candidate in performance studies at the School of the Arts at New York University, and she has been a lecturer in the History and Visual Culture Department at the Rhode Island School of Design.


Theatre And Performance Studies
Postcolonial Studies
Culture Studies