The Kyoto List

Michael S. Koyama


6 x 9 inches, 334pp. August 2010

ISBN : 9781906497583

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If it takes only a few rogue financiers to collapse the economy, can one earnest investment officer save the dollar from collapse? Ken Murai, the protagonist of this fast-paced novel by Michael S. Koyama, is a young officer in the Japanese ministry of finance, who one day discovers a plot by one of his superiors to organize a group, known as the Kyoto List, of corrupt officials, bankers, businessmen, and journalists from the United States, Europe, and Asia that will attempt to wreck the world’s financial system and to grab enormous wealth for the List’s members in the process.


This exhilarating novel of high finance was written by an economics insider fascinated and gravely concerned by the financial environment born in the recent near-market meltdown of 2008-9. In The Kyoto List, the dollar comes under an attack far greater than the raid by George Soros that famously brought down the British pound in 1992. This is a timely thriller about a race against time to save the seemingly moribund dollar before hostile forces destroy it and the worldwide financial system that depends up on it.


Koyama paints an exciting and entertaining expert’s portrait of the lawless financial interests that have the power to devastate global economies for the sake of a market that measures ethics only in profits. 

Michael S. Koyama is the nom de plume of an economist with degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and Northwestern University. He recently retired as Professor of Economics and Asian Studies at a major university in the United States where he held an endowed chair. He specialized in macroeconomics, economic institutions, and the Japanese economy. He is also the author of the novel Operation Hard-Landing, which dealt with the Japanese economic bubble.


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