Dangerous Outcast

The Prostitute in Ninteenth Century Calcutta

Sumanta Banerjee

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6 x 8.75 inches, 235pp. 2000

ISBN : 9788170461197

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Dangerous Outcast explores the world of the prostitute in 19th century Bengal. It traces how, from the peripheries of precolonial rural society, they came to dominate the centre-stage of Calcutta, the capital of British India. 

Sumanta Banerjee is a cultural historian who specializes in research into popular culture, particularly of the colonial period. His best known works include The Simmering Revolution: The Naxalite Uprising, The Thema Book of Naxalite Poetry, The Popular and the Streets: Elite and Popular Culture in Nineteenth Century Calcutta and Dangerous Outcast: The Prostitute in Nineteenth Century Bengal.


Women's Studies
Culture Studies
Cultural History
Colonial Studies