Self-Portrait of an Other

Dreams of the Island and the Old City

Cees Nooteboom

Translated by David Colmer

Drawings by Max Neumann


8.5 x 11 inches, 76pp, 33 colour plates. February 2012

ISBN : 9780857420114

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Cees Nooteboom, best known for his novel The Following Story, is one of the most distinguished and significant authors living in the Netherlands today. Self-Portrait of an Other is one of the most unique and innovative works in his oeuvre. Written in response to and published together with a series of drawings by the Berlin-based artist Max Neumann, the book draws on Nooteboom’s personal reflections—his arsenal of memories, dreams, fantasies, landscapes, stories and nightmares—and presents a set of prose poems that complements and echoes Neumann’s work.


Full of striking scenes and disturbing images, the poems, driven by the logic of dreams, create the self-portrait of the title.


Available now for the first time in English, Self-Portrait of an Other brings together both the images and the text inspired by them, creating an unusual and creative poetic collection.


Cees Nooteboom is the author of A Song of Truth and Semblance, All Souls’ Day and The Following Story, among other books.



David Colmer has won several translation awards, most notably the 2010 IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and the 2009 New South Wales Premier’s Prize and PEN Award for his body of work.