Hugo Loetscher

Translated by Samuel P. Willcocks


5 x 8 inches, 183pp. June 2012

ISBN : 9780857420466

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As the current global recession stubbornly persists and financial experts around the world struggle to prevent further financial collapse, everyone has a theory about how to save the economy. But perhaps no idea that has been proffered is as radical or as unique as what Hugo Loetscher imagines in his novel Noah. In this book, first published in German in 1967, the eponymous Old Testament hero fuels his local economy with a prescient plan to build the Ark. Though no one around him seriously believes in the coming flood, everyone is more than willing to do business with him: “The people of Mesopotamia had never had it so good. There had been an economic miracle.” It is boom time in Mesopotamia, and the economy is flourishing; but as with many financial bubbles, scandal and demise are not far out of sight. An ancient legend retold in light of capitalist reality, Noah is a witty, delightful and thought-provoking parable of our times.

Hugo Loetscher (1929–2009), widely known as the most cosmopolitan Swiss writer, worked as a literature reviewer for Neue Zürcher Zeitung and Weltwoche and as editor of the magazine Du. He also founded the literary supplement Das Wort. In 1992, he received the prestigious Schiller Prize of the Swiss Schiller Foundation. 


Samuel P. Willcocks was the 2010 winner of the German Ambassador's Award for Literary Translation (London). He translates from Czech, German, Romanian and Slovene into English and lives in Giurgiu on the Danube with his family.

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