The Honolulu Pact

Michael S. Koyama


6 x 9 inches, 230pp. September 2013

ISBN : 9780857421050

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When this thriller opens only eleven months before the general election, an unusual number of candidates are already dropping out—and dropping dead. Republicans and Democrats have been dying, both from unexpected and undetected health problems and from more suspicious accidents. But when an idealistic young politician suddenly dies from an apparent heart attack in Hawaii, Lt. Lisa Higashiguchi of the Honolulu Police Department is on the case.


With victims from both parties and from across the ideological spectrum, a motive seems elusive, but with such high-profile deaths, an alphabet soup of dark-suited agencies is jockeying for control of the investigation. Can Higashiguchi solve the case before the outcome of the election is printed in the obituaries and American democracy is buried for good?Michael S. Koyama’s third book takes the reader behind the scenes of Washington’s power brokers and the East Coast’s wealthy kingmakers before reaching a gripping denouement that is both totally unexpected and frighteningly real.



Michael S. Koyama is the nom de plume of an economist with degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and Northwestern University. He recently retired as Professor of Economics and Asian Studies at a major university in the United States where he held an endowed chair. He specialized in macroeconomics, economic institutions, and the Japanese economy. He is also the author of the novel Operation Hard-Landing, which dealt with the Japanese economic bubble.