We are the Roma!

One Thousand Years of Discrimination

Valeriu Nicolae


4.25 x 7 inches, 120pp. January 2014

ISBN : 9780857420381

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Burnt alive, homes destroyed, children stoned, walls erected in urban centres to keep them out or in the ghetto. No, this is not 1930s’ Germany. This is the European Union, 2011. And the victims are the Roma, aka the Gypsies. Roma communities in Europe continue to face discrimination and abuse, even though they are one of the largest ethnic minorities in the EU and despite legislation that in theory protects them against racism. In Italy and France, countries at the heart of the EU, as well as in newer members such as Romania and Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary, abuse is blatant and persistent. No country has taken any serious decision for their integration; no government has framed any policy; no official body has taken up their case. Valeriu Nicolae, himself a Romanian Roma, looks at the situation and asks what is to be done. 

Valeriu Nicolae is currently a senior consultant for the Open Society Institute and advocacy director for a network of European Roma NGOs. He is also the founder and president of the Policy Centre for Roma and Minorities, a Bucharest-based think tank, and cofounder of the European Roma Policy Coalition.


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