Land of Milk and Honey

Chitrita Banerji


5.75 x 8.25 inches, 112pp, black and white drawings. June 2007

ISBN : 9781905422340

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A culture as ancient as India´s, as layered and as plural, inevitably rejoices in a fascinatingly rich history of food, feeding and eating. The most ancient scriptures prescribe and proscribe on the subject, life cycle rituals are intricately bound up with it, and the symbolism of food is part of everyday life.


Land of Milk and Honey tells the stories of India´s food. Rich in detail and discovery, the essays included here range from the rituals of propitiatory meals - from feeding the gods, the priest, the son-in-law or the dead - to the historic symbolism of milk, and from the probable 15th Century Portuguese origins of the traditional sweets of Bengal to the intricate variety of art connected with food and ritual.

Chitrita Banerji grew up in Calcutta but now lives in Cambridge, Mass. She is the author of Life and Food in Bengal (London, 1991) and Bengali Cooking: Seasons and Festivals (London, 1997), as well as of numerous articles in The Boston Globe, Granta(London), Grastronomica (Berkely), The Phoenix (Boston), Boston Magazine, Calyx (Corvallis, Oreg.), and Petits Propos Culinaires (London). She has presented papers and received awards at the prestigious Oxford Food Symposium.


Asian Studies
Culture Studies