Front Lines

Selections from New Left Review 3


5.5 x 8.5 inches, 310pp. 2006

ISBN : 8170464838

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Each volume in this series brings together a collection of articles, reviews, essays and interviews from NEW LEFT REVIEW—a key journal of the international Left. The books aim to cover a wide variety of issues ranging from world politics and the global economy; state powers and protest movements; contemporary social theory; history and philosophy; cinema and literature; heterodox art and aesthetics.


CONTRIBUTORS: Tariq Ali, Perry Anderson, Gabriel Piterberg, Yitzhak Laor, Guy Mandron, Qin Hui, Tony Wood, Achin Vanaik, Eduardo Galeano, Peter Hallward, Trevor Ngwane, Collette Braeckman, Jacob Stevens and Susan Watkins.



(1) Recolonizing Iraq by Tariq Ali

(2) Scurrying to Bethlemen by Perry Anderson

(3) Erasures by Gabriel Piterberg

(4) Tears of Zion by Yitzhak Laor

(5) Redividing Palestine by Guy Mandron

(6) China's Stolypins by Qin Hui

(7) The Case of Chechnya

(8) Soldiers of Hindutva by Achin Vinaik

(9) The Noose by Eduardo Galeano

(10) The Colour of Khakhi by Tariq Ali

(11) Option Zero in Haiti by Peter Hallward

(12) Sparks in the Township by Trevor Ngwane

(13) New York and Kigali by Colette Braeckman

(14) Monetizing Ecology by Jacob Stevens

(15) Saffron Gastronomy by Susan Watkins

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