Atlas of an Anxious Man

Christoph Ransmayr

Translated by Simon Pare


6 x 9 inches, 336pp. January 2016

ISBN : 9780857423146 & 9780857426314

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This unique account follows Ransmayr across the globe: from the shadow of Java’s volcanoes to the rapids of the Mekong and Danube Rivers, from the drift ice of the Arctic Circle to Himalayan passes and on to the disenchanted islands of the South Pacific. Ransmayr begins again and again with, 'I saw . . .' recounting to the reader the stories of continents, eras, and landscapes of the soul. Like maps, the episodes come together to become a book of the world—one that charts the life and death, happiness and fate of people bound up in images of breathtaking beauty.


Christoph Ransmayr offers a mesmerizing travel diary—a sprawling tale of earthly wonders seen by a wandering eye. This is an exquisite, lyrically told travel story.

Christoph Ransmeyr is an award-winning Austrian author whose books have been translated into over 30 languages. His prodigious travels provided the material for Atlas of an Anxious Man, published by Seagull Books in 2016.


Simon Pare is a translator from the French and German who lives in Paris. His recent translations include the The Panama Papers and Atlas of an Anxious Man. 

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