The Philosophy of Living

Fran├žois Jullien

Translated by Michael Richardson, Krzysztof Fijalkowski



5 x 8 inches, 256pp. January 2016

ISBN : 9780857422163

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Living holds us between two places. It expresses what is most elementary—to be alive—and the absoluteness of our aspiration—finally living! But could we desire anything other than to live? In The Philosophy of Living, François Jullien meditates on Far Eastern thought and philosophy to analyze concepts that can be folded into a complete philosophy of living, including the idea of the moment, the ambiguity of the in-between, and what he calls the 'transparency of morning'.

Translated by Krzysztof Fijalkowski and Michael Richardson, this volume asks poignant questions about what it means to be alive and inhabit the present. Jullien develops a strategy of living that goes beyond morality and dwells in the space between health and spirituality.

Philosopher and sinologist François Jullien is a professor at Université Paris Diderot, a member of the Institut universitaire de France, and director of the Institut de la pensée contemporaine. His other books include In Praise of Blandness: Proceeding from Chinese Thought and Aesthetics (2004), The Impossible Nude (2007) and The Great Image Has No Form, or On the Nonobject through Painting (2009). 


Michael Richardson is a writer and translator. Together, Fijalkowski and Richardson have translated Refusal of the Shadow, Surrealism against the Current, and Georges Bataille: An Intellectual Biography.

Krzysztof Fijalkowski is a senior lecturer in critical studies at Norwich University College of the Arts. 

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