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Lutz Seiler

Translated by Alexander Booth


5 x 8.5 inches, 96 pp. March 2016

ISBN : 9780857423368

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Lutz Seiler grew up in the former East Germany and has lived most of his life outside Berlin. His poems, not surprisingly, are works of the border, the in-between and the provincial, marked by whispers, weather, time’s relentless passing, the dead and their ghosts. It is a contemporary poetry of landscape, fully aware of its literary and non-literary forebears, a walker’s view of the place Seiler lives, anchored by close, unhurried attention to particulars. With his precise, memorable language—rendered here in compelling English—Seiler has pulled off a difficult feat: recontextualizing and radically personalizing the long tradition of German nature writing for the twenty-first century.

Lutz Seiler was born in 1963 in Gera, a town in eastern Thuringia. He has published one novel and several volumes of poetry, short stories, and essays.


Alexander Booth is a writer and translator who lives in Berlin.

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