Theatre of the Earth: The Works of Heisnam Kanhailal

Essays and Interviews



6 x 9 inches, 2166pp. 2016

ISBN : 9788170463535

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Heisnam Kanhailal’s theatre is an expression of the self as well as a reflection of society. His theatre is deeply embedded not only in his philosophy but the experiences of a region and its people. Yet, the uniquely Manipuri experience is something more universal, more human. In this one of its kind anthology, readers get a sense of all aspects of Kanhailal’s methods of ‘theatre-making’ as well as his team’s various notable productions—through his words, through his partner/collaborator Sabitri Devi’s words and through the observations of scholars and researchers who have studied the works and the legendary maker.


‘[T]his is not a conventional book written by a single author. It is more an anthology of writings by and on Kanhailal including interviews with him and Sabitri Devi and writing on his work, . . . The book reflects the nature of Kanhailal’s theatre, which is a collective expression and experience stemming from the collaboration of director, actors, technicians and spectators.’—H. S. Shiva Prakash, renowned playwright and poet.


Theatre And Performance Studies