The Shanghai Intrigue

Michael S. Koyama


6 x 9 inches, 352 pp. November 2016

ISBN : 9780857423832

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When a Chinese American intelligence officer at the US Embassy in Beijing intercepts complex coded messages, the race is on to decipher their meaning. When she finally succeeds in decoding them, the messages seem to indicate a targeted assault on the Japanese financial market. Puzzled, the officer digs deeper and uncovers more intrigue—a large, state-owned Chinese company, which has recently discovered oil in Benin seems to be involved, and. . . what’s this about a kidnapping?

As the complex plot to bring down a major financial institution unfolds at a rapid pace, American and Japanese officials scramble to prevent a crisis with international implications. Set against the backdrop of the political and financial practices of Japan, China and the US, The Shanghai Intrigue brings with it murder, betrayal, romance, even a natural disaster as the plot races to an unpredictable outcome. The book’s thrilling twists and turns will leave readers spellbound from the first page.

Michael S. Koyama is the nom de plume of an economist with degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and Northwestern University. He recently retired as Professor of Economics and Asian Studies at a major university in the United States where he held an endowed chair. He specialized in macroeconomics, economic institutions, and the Japanese economy. He is also the author of the novel Operation Hard-Landing, which dealt with the Japanese economic bubble.


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