The China Sketchbook

I. Allan Sealy


5.5 x 7.75 inches, 136 pp. December 2016

ISBN : 9780857423979

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A camera makes enemies; a sketchbook, friends. Firm in this belief, Irwin Allan Sealy carried to China just his pen and a book of blank pages. When the literary conference that took him there ends and his fellow writers return to India, Sealy stays on to travel the railroads of the north in search of a town reminiscent of his Himalayan hometown and a man who might resemble himself. Sign language, good will and plain luck see him through but, in a northern mining town known for its ancient Buddhist cave sculptures, Sealy finally comes to the conclusion that his other was unreachable, his hometown was one of a kind and his only hope was a pen, allowing him to record his memories, sketches and adventures along the way.


Sealy is known for both his fiction and his travelogue From Yukon to Yukatan: A Western Journey. This facsimile edition of The China Sketchbook, however, adds a special dimension to a travel narrative—the sketches and scribbles give readers a more immediate and unrestrained insight into the mind of a very fine writer and chart an unusual and quirky travel diary.

I. Allan Sealy was born in Allahabad in North India in 1951 and educated in Lucknow and Delhi. He is the author of The Trotter-Nama (1988), The Everest Hotel (which was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1998), The Brainfever Bird (2003) and other novels and a travelogue, From Yukon to Yucatan (1994). He lives in Dehradun, where he is apprenticed to a bricklayer.


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