Playwright at the Centre

Shanta Gokhale


610pp, 25 b/w photos. 2000

ISBN : 9788170461579

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This volume studies the strong playwriting tradition in Maharashtra which is central to its theatre activity. This pathbreaking study takes a close look at two streams of secular, urban theatre-the touring professional theatre centred in Mumbai, whose audience is largely the educated middle-class of Maharashtra's small towns and cities; and the 'other' or 'parallel' which came into being in the early fifties, with Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur as its centres, in rejection of the mainstream theatre which had become irrelevant to the post-independence generation of college-educated-youth. 

Shanta Gokhale is a leading theatre critic and writer, and this book is based on years of research and an indepth knowledge of the theatre world she writes about.


Culture Studies
Theatre And Performance Studies