Notes for a Young Gentleman

Toby Litt


6 x 9 inches, 376pp. March 2018

ISBN : 9780857424853

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Toby Litt is one of that rare breed of fiction writers who never writes the same book twice: every time out, he takes an unexpected new tack—and his readers happily follow.


Told in the form of the pithy, even lyrical advice a young soldier leaves behind after a mission gone wrong, Notes for a Young Gentleman is no exception. Its brilliantly creative form, and the epigrammatic genius Litt displays in its creation, nonetheless can’t hide the powerful, emotional story at its heart: of a young soldier parachuting toward a beautiful, moonlit country house on a mission . . . of betrayal. The house? Marlborough. The target? Winston Churchill, an old friend of his father. A brilliant, at times dizzying but always heartfelt exploration of love, revenge and the essence of a gentleman, Notes for a Young Gentleman is classic Toby Litt: wholly new and wholly unforgettable.

Toby Litt is a Granta Best of Young British Novelist. He has published three collections of stories and eight novels, and writes a comic, Dead Boy Detectives. He teaches creative writing at Birkbeck College, London. He blogs at