Green-Eyed Thieves

Imraan Coovadia


6 x 7.5 inches, 264 pp. September 2017

ISBN : 9780857425256

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This is the story of a family of crooks. The mother, a university lecturer, is an accomplished shoplifter; the father, a master thief whose ingenuity extends to relieving the Aga Khan of his wardrobe of expensive suits. An uncle, universally known as Ten Percent Farouk, lives with the family in Fordsburg, a suburb of Johannesburg. The narrator Firoze is a dreamer and a reader, radically different from, but inextricably bound to, his identical twin Ashraf. 


The twins' lives progress through a mind-boggling series of adventures that range from a masterful heist at Sun City to appearing at the White House under false pretences. Minor characters include Mohammed Atta (of 9/11 fame), US President George Bush, a Pakistani Brigadier in Peshawar and the woman loved by both brothers who is more than their match in all things, good or bad.

Imraan Coovadia is a lecturer in the English Department at the University of Cape Town. He is also the author of The Wedding (2001).


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