Shift Sleepers

Dorothee Elmiger

Translated by Megan Ewing



5 x 8 inches, 204pp. April 2019

ISBN : 9780857425997

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Somewhere deep in the European forest they meet. Frontier workers, smugglers, refugees, workers, asylum seekers, inspectors, artists, musicians, actors, journalists, scholarship holders, logisticians, students and ghosts. They come from everywhere. They are all representatives of our time, and they have conversations about origins and justice; body and state; import and export; homeland and migration. They talk together about happiness, music, and death. In Shift Sleepers, Swiss writer Dorothee Elmiger has produced a novel that sheds light on the controversial issues of our time, finding a new language for this conversation previously unheard in contemporary German literature.

Dorothee Elmiger is a Berlin-based Swiss writer. This, her first novel, won her the Aspekte Prize and the Lauris Literature Prize, among others.


Megan Ewing is a lecturer of German at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 

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