Time And Festivity

Furio Jesi

Translated by Cristina Viti

Edited by Andrea Cavalletti



5 x 8 inches, 224pp. January 2019

ISBN : 9780857426307

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One of the foremost thinkers of his generation, Furio Jesi began to publish scholarly essays in academic journals at the age of 15. By the time of his early death in 1980, he had accumulated a body of work that astonishes with its abundance and diversity, its depth and scope, and, above all, for its unfailing rigor and brilliance.


In Time and Festivity, Andrea Cavalletti collects Jesi’s finest essays, ranging from his groundbreaking work on myth and politics to his reflections on time, festivity and revolt. He explores the significance of texts by Rimbaud, Rilke, Lukács and Pavese and the mythological language of the biblical story of Susanna. Carefully annotated and referenced, and enriched by a first-person account of Jesi’s intellectual biography, Time and Festivity provides a precious guide to the methodology and approach at the core of Jesi’s thought, displaying how his personal, vitally intense via negativa might in fact originate from his early statement: 'All I have ever written is poetry.'

Furio Jesi


Cristina Vitis translation of Mariapia Veladiano’s first novel (A Life Apart, 2013) was runner-up to the 2015 John Florio Prize. Among her earlier works is a full translation of Dino Campana’s Orphic Songs, published in the Selected Works she curated for Survivors’ Press in 2006. Her translations and own poetry have been published in several anthologies and journals.

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