Manifestos of the 21st Century

Series editors Ursula Owen and Judith Vidal-Hall

Free expression is as high on the agenda as it has ever been, though not always for the happiest of reasons.Here, four distinguished writers address the issue of censorship in a complex and fragile world where people with widely different cultural habits and beliefs are living in close proximity, where offence is easily taken, and where words, images and behaviour are coming under the closest scrutiny.These books will surprise, clarify and provoke in equal measure. Index on Censorship is the only international magazine promoting and protecting free expression.

A haven for the censored and silenced, it has built an impressive track record since it was founded 35 years ago, publishing some of the finest writers, sharpest analysts and foremost thinkers in the world.In this series with Seagull Books, the focus will be on questions of rights, liberties, tolerance, silencing, censorship and dissent.